Benefits of a Proper Vehicle Alignment

As we approach winter driving and worsening conditions on the road, it’s crucial to remember the importance of keeping your vehicle properly serviced! Drivers usually remember to get their regular oil changes and routine service checks, but there are other types of service you may not realize are just as important to keeping your vehicle running correctly. A proper wheel alignment is one such example. Aligning a vehicle can be tricky and is usually best left to the professionals. At Preston, our service department has unparalleled access to resources and expertise to ensure your vehicle is serviced properly.

Why get an alignment done at our service department? The up-front costs are often negated by the long-term benefits of properly completed vehicle alignment! Your vehicle will drive straight and true with a smoother ride when properly aligned. Ever feel like your vehicle is pulling to one side as you steer or slow down? Not only is this distracting, it can also be dangerous as you’re forced to overcompensate for bad alignment. A proper alignment is likely to solve many drifting issues!

Possibly the largest benefit of a correct vehicle alignment is a reduction in expensive repairs down the road. Your steering and suspension will take an increased hit when the alignment is off – every bump in the road is added wear and tear if your vehicle can’t react properly. Your vehicle’s tires should also see improved performance and a longer lifespan with a proper alignment! Tires can be an expensive investment on their own, and an accurate alignment will keep wear even and help tires last longer than if they were misaligned.

Another added benefit of properly aligned wheels is increased fuel economy. Your vehicle is working overtime to propel itself when the wheels aren’t aligned, and the harder the engine has to work, the more gas or electricity you’ll use up. By making life easier on your vehicle’s engine and drivetrain, you can increase both the efficiency and lifespan of those components.

With all these factors in mind, it’s easy to see a why a proper alignment improves overall vehicle safety, reduces costs, and provides increased performance. This often-forgotten service procedure can be essential to extending the lifespan of your vehicle’s components. The next time you notice your car is pulling to one side or riding rougher than usual, keep in mind it may be time for an alignment. Come see our experts at the Preston GM service department! Call us at 604-532-4590 to book your appointment.