GM Expands OnStar and Assistance for Drivers During COVID-19 Pandemic

In response to the current COVID-19 Pandemic, General Motors has introduced a number of new measures designed to assist drivers during this challenging time. Although most governments are encouraging their citizens to stay at home as much as possible, and we support these guidelines, vehicles remain an essential form of transportation for essential workers, health care workers, and many others.

In response to the crisis, GM is expanding OnStar access for drivers. OnStar is GM’s in-vehicle safety and security system, allowing drivers to connect with advisors and other key services to stay safe and informed on the road. Eligible owners of GM vehicles will receive access to Crisis Assist services and either 3 GB or 3 months of in-vehicle Wi-Fi data (whichever lapses first).


Other programs GM has introduced to assist drivers during this time include a Heroes program with bonuses for firefighters, police, paramedics, and other emergency workers. They have also introduced a 1-month payment waiver for leases, bonuses for leasing or financing, and will be monitoring the situation to see how they can help in other ways moving forward.

At Preston GM, we are currently offering payment deferrals for up to 6 months or 3 month deferrals combined with 0% financing on most of our inventory. We recognize this is a challenging time to be purchasing a vehicle and as a result, we are also offering remote vehicle sales through video chat and other forms of communication to comply with social distancing guidelines.

GM is also modifying its operations to focus on ventilator production over the coming months. Please click here for further information on these efforts. For more information on the various programs, offers, and assistance available at Preston GM during this time, please click here. We remain committed to to supporting our community as best we can.