The Future is Electric: GM Teases Next-Gen EVs

The next generation of Chevrolet electric vehicles is quickly approaching! The Chevrolet Bolt EV has been a popular choice in the electric vehicle world since its 2017 model year introduction, offering incredible range and features at a great price. With a new decade upon us, the Bolt is about to get even better – and soon, it won’t be the only all-electric option from Chevy!

The Chevrolet Bolt EV will enter its next generation with a redesign and a sibling in the 2022 model year. Not only will we have a new Bolt EV, we will also have a taller SUV-inspired counterpart, the Bolt EUV. 

So what do we know about these new EVs? At this time, not much – but we do know they are expected to enter production in summer 2021. Production was slated to start this year, but delays related to the ongoing pandemic have pushed the timeline back. Rumour has it GM’s hands-free driving tech, Super Cruise, may even make an appearance on the Bolt EUV.  This would mark the first time Super Cruise debuts on a non-Cadillac vehicle! Both vehicles will utilize GM’s BEV2 electric vehicle platform.

For now, information on pricing, range, and features remains limited. Stay tuned for more information! We’re expecting to see these exciting new electric vehicles on dealership lots by the end of 2021.