GM’s Critically-Acclaimed Hands-Free Super Cruise Continues to Impress

Autonomous driving is one of the most exciting new features making its way to vehicles in the 21st century, and chances are you’ve heard a lot about the different self-driving systems. One of these system is Super Cruise, currently found on Cadillac vehicles and scheduled to make its way to other General Motors vehicles in the future. Since its release, Super Cruise has received critical and consumer acclaim, with Consumer Reports ranking it above all other competitors and car critic Doug DeMuro calling it his favourite autonomous driving system. Today, we’ll look at what makes Super Cruise so impressive and how the system works.

Before we get into what people are saying about Super Cruise, let’s talk about the system itself. Super Cruise hit the auto market as the first true hands-free driving assistance feature. Available on select Cadillac models including CT6 and Escalade, Super Cruise works on over 300,000 km of compatible highways in the United States and Canada. Although drivers are expected to remain focused on the road, Super Cruise is truly hands-free: it maintains a following gap between you and the vehicle ahead, keeps your vehicle centered in its lane, and automatically steers and brakes as needed. A recent update even adds automated lane changes to Super Cruise.

So how does this all work? Super Cruise utilizes a combination of map data, GPS tracking, cameras, and radar sensors to navigate your vehicle through compatible roads. Think of it as a vastly improved Cruise Control system with advanced technology that can not only adjust speed, but also steering, following distance, and more.

Super Cruise is already making an impression with everyday drivers and critics alike. Consumer Reports recently ran an evaluation to find the best autonomous driving system, with Super Cruise coming out on top and beating out competitors including Tesla and Ford. Consumer Reports praised Super Cruise’s driver-facing infrared camera that ensures the driver is alert, as well as its notification system. Tesla’s Autopilot scored just 57 out of 100 possible points, with Super Cruise scoring an impressive 69 out of 100 to secure first place.

Critics have also praised Super Cruise, including Doug DeMuro, who runs one of YouTube’s most popular car review channels with nearly 4 million subscribers. In a recent video highlighting the upcoming GMC Hummer EV, he discussed autonomous driving tech. DeMuro calls Super Cruise “the best autonomous driving system on the market today”, expressing his preference for GM’s system over Tesla’s AutoPilot.

If you drive with Super Cruise, make sure to always pay attention to the road ahead and avoid distractions like handheld devices. Although Super Cruise has been thoroughly tested for safety, it is always best to remain attentive as an extra precaution. To use Super Cruise, you’ll need a compatible vehicle on a compatible road with an active Super Cruise subscription, working electrical system, cell reception, and GPS signal.

We are excited to see this revolutionary new technology make its way to other General Motors vehicles in the future with more than 20 vehicles expected to receive this tech in the coming years. One of the first non-Cadillac vehicles to receive Super Cruise functionality will be the all-electric GMC Hummer EV supertruck, which is currently entering production to prepare for its 2021 launch. Want to get behind the wheel of a vehicle with Super Cruise without waiting? Talk to our Sales team about the incredible lineup of Cadillac vehicles available right now.

Super Cruise Road Compatibility in the Greater Vancouver area