Chevrolet Introduces the Redesigned Bolt EV and the Larger, All-New Bolt EUV

Welcome to the electric future. Chevrolet has unveiled the All-New 2022 Bolt EUV as well as the redesigned 2022 Bolt EV! With more than 400 km of estimated range on both models, you’re ready for your daily commute, spontaneous road trips, and more. The Bolt EV has received an updated look and slots in Chevy’s electric lineup under its brand new larger sibling, the Bolt EUV.

First, let’s look at the updated 2022 Bolt EV. Immediately you’ll notice the revamped exterior design of the Bolt EV, a bold and sleek look fitting for an electric vehicle. Inside, it seats up to 5 and now features a sport-inspired steering wheel. With approximately 416 km of estimated range, the 2022 Bolt EV will surprise you with its versatility and practicality. To put things in perspective, driving from our dealership on the Langley Bypass to Whistler Village is approximately 165 km. A 2022 Bolt EV could make the trip there and back with over 80 km to spare. Better yet, your Bolt may take you further than expected. Energy regeneration, one-pedal driving, and energy assist trip planning help you get the most out of your battery. DC Fast Charging is now standard on Bolt EV, allowing for fast and efficient charging at public charging stations. For fast charging at home, consider the available 240-volt charging unit (professional installation required).

2022 Bolt

It wouldn’t be an electric vehicle without advanced technology, of course. The 2022 Bolt EV now features wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, letting you connect your phone wirelessly to take calls, play music, set up navigation, and more. The Chevy Safety Assist suite comes standard with six of Chevrolet’s most popular safety features: Automatic Emergency Braking, Lane Keep Assist, Following Distance Indicator, High Beam Assist, Forward Collision Alert, and Front Pedestrian Braking. These advanced features help keep you, other drivers, and pedestrians safe, but always make sure to pay attention to the road! The Bolt EV comes in two trims, 1LT and 2LT. The 2LT trim adds a power 8-way driver seat, Rear Park Assist, Side Blind Zone Alert, and more.

Let’s move on to the All-New 2022 Bolt EUV! This new vehicle is the Bolt EV’s larger sibling, an SUV-style electric vehicle with a roomy interior. It takes design cues from the Bolt EV, but the EUV has a bold and refined look of its own, featuring LED lighting and sequential turn signals. Inside, a spacious cabin seats up to 5 and an available panoramic sunroof lets passengers see the world around them. Available heated and ventilated seats keep you comfortable no matter the conditions outside.

2022 Bolt EUV

Perhaps the most exciting addition is Super Cruise, now available for the first time on a Chevrolet vehicle! This hands-free driving experience works on over 300,000 km of compatible roads throughout North America, using advanced mapping to take the wheel. As with advanced safety features, make sure to still pay attention to the road. In addition to Super Cruise, the Bolt EUV also features Adaptive Cruise Control, which uses precise real-time cameras and sensors to detect curves in the road and adjust speed accordingly. The available Rear Camera Mirror is the next evolution of rear mirrors, using a real-time camera view for a less obstructed view behind your Bolt EUV.

So does the larger Bolt EUV mean a compromise in range? The answer is no! An estimated 402 km of range means the EUV is just 14 km short of its smaller sibling. As with Bolt EV, the Bolt EUV also uses regeneration, one-pedal driving, and energy assist to optimize your range. Looking for a little extra speed? Kick things into Sport Mode with the push of a button. As with the Bolt EV, you’ll find advanced tech inside the Bolt EUV, including wireless device charging, wireless Apple CarPlay, wireless Android Auto, and Chevy’s Safety Assist suite of advanced safety features. Trim levels include LT, Premier, and Launch Edition. Premier adds Adaptive Cruise Control, Rear Camara Mirror, and Super Cruise, while Launch adds a panoramic sunroof and unique exterior design features.

We are very excited to see these two new electric vehicles arrive at our dealership in the future. In the meantime, we have the 2020 Bolt EV in stock and would love to help you find the perfect electric vehicle. Talk to a Preston Sales Consultant for more information on GM’s lineup of EVs!