All-Electric 2023 Cadillac LYRIQ Set To Arrive in August 2022

Meet the 2023 All-Electric Cadillac LYRIQ, expected to arrive in Canada in August 2022. This uncompromising electric SUV is the beginning of Cadillac’s electric future, rooted in more than a century of innovation. Today we’ll take a closer look at this recently unveiled all-electric Cadillac!

Let’s start with the LYRIQ’s exterior, which features a full-glass roof and vented roof spoiler. Choreographed LED lighting and vertical taillamps give the vehicle a bold and bright look. Without any need for a traditional grille, the LYRIQ instead features a unique front-end design with three-dimensional texturing for additional depth and detail. In place of the typical Cadillac shield badge, you will find a Black Crystal shield for a truly unique look. This is without a doubt one of the most visually striking Cadillac vehicles ever built, taking the brand in a bold new direction while remaining true to its history of luxury and premium touches.

Inside the vehicle’s cabin, you will find aluminum accents, your choice of Sky Cool Grey or Noir Inteluxe seating, and a massive driver-centric 33” advanced LED display along the vehicle’s dashboard. Active Noise Cancellation uses sensors to tune out road noise, adapting to your surroundings as needed. Available Super Cruise offers truly hands-free driving on compatible highways, with over 300,000 km of mapped roads throughout North America. And of course, the LYRIQ is equipped with the latest technology including an AKG Studio 19-speaker sound system, Apple CarPlay, and much more.

Finally, let’s talk about perhaps the most important category: performance. The LYRIQ delivers on both range and power, with an estimated range of greater than 480km on a full charge. Cadillac performance DNA is here in spades with 325 lb.-ft. of torque and an estimated 340 horsepower. Advanced Ultium battery technology allows for near perfect weight distribution and a low centre of gravity, making for a luxurious electric vehicle that is not only practical and elegant, but also fun to drive.

“The 2023 Cadillac LYRIQ will deliver a high-performance luxury experience setting a new standard for Cadillac.”

-Rory Harvey, Vice President, Global Cadillac

We are excited to see this all-new, all-electric Cadillac SUV make its debut in late summer 2022. Stay tuned for more information and make sure to talk with a Preston Cadillac Sales Consultant to learn more about Cadillac’s incredible new lineup of vehicles!