Navigating the Semiconductor Shortage: How to Get the Vehicle You Want

You may have heard that a global semiconductor shortage is impacting the production of electronic devices and vehicles throughout the world. Today, we’ll explore this topic further to help readers understand the issue and its impact on vehicle production, plus how you can work around this shortage when shopping for vehicles.

Due to a number of factors, including the COVID-19 pandemic and severe weather events in parts of North America, there is a shortage of supply and increased demand for semiconductors. Vehicles are more advanced than ever before and typically require a large number of microprocessors, meaning this semiconductor shortage has impacted our industry. All vehicle manufacturers are experiencing supply issues, and you may have noticed vehicle stock at many dealerships is lower than usual.

So if you’re in the market for a new vehicle, how can you work around this to get the vehicle you want? We recommend factory ordering a vehicle. To do this, speak with a member of our Sales Team and give them all your preferred specifications. We’ll give you pricing information and we can help you navigate the pre-approval process for financing or leasing. We’ll then place the vehicle order, and in many cases, we can even apply current vehicle incentives regardless of delivery date. When your vehicle arrives, you can either apply the discounts that were available at the order date, or you can opt for current incentives if they are preferable. Factory ordering will also protect you against potential price increases, which are a real possibility going forward considering these supply shortages.

Ready to start the process? Talk to a Preston Sales Consultant and we’ll walk you through ordering your perfect vehicle!