The Rumours Are True: All-Electric Silverado on the Way

It’s true. For the first time ever, Chevrolet is preparing to introduce an All-Electric Silverado pickup truck. Powered by GM’s versatile and innovative Ultium platform, it will be manufactured at Factory Zero, GM’s purpose-built electric vehicle production facility in the legendary automotive city of Detroit, Michigan. Factory Zero is also home to GMC Hummer EV production and will be an important contributor to GM’s plan to develop dozens of new electric vehicles this decade.

So what do we know about the All-Electric Silverado so far? For now, details are limited, but we expect more information to come as we approach production. It’s expected the Chevrolet Silverado EV will be a 2023 model year, meaning we could potentially see this exciting vehicle at dealerships in 2022, although Chevrolet has yet to confirm any dates.

One feature Chevrolet has confirmed is Four-Wheel Steer, available on the Silverado EV. This impressive new chassis feature will allow the Silverado EV to steer all four wheels simultaneously, allowing for more agile steering and a tighter turning radius at low speeds. At high speeds, this means improved handling, stability, and trailering dynamics. Four-Wheel Steer should add an impressive level of precision to your truck’s manoeuvres.

As we mentioned earlier, the electric Silverado will be underpinned by GM’s Ultium platform. The revolutionary Ultium platform is engineered for range, power, and flexibility. With its modular battery and drive unit combinations, GM’s Ultium platform can support a wide range of vehicle styles, including trucks and SUVs. Ultium’s batteries, the heart of the system, can stack cells vertically in trucks and SUVs or horizontally for performance vehicles, allowing for greater energy density.

Although Silverado EV range has not been confirmed by Chevrolet, it is expected the vehicle will have a range of 400 miles, or approximately 643 km, on a single charge. Knowing what we know about the Ultium platform, this seems entirely attainable, as GM has confirmed Ultium’s batteries can reach an estimated range of 400 miles.

Stay tuned for more information as it is released! In the meantime, Chevrolet and GM have an impressive line of trucks, electric vehicles, and more. Ask a Preston Sales Consultant for more info about the Silverado EV or any other vehicles in our lineup!