Pickup Trucks Enter the Electric World: Meet the Silverado EV

Categories are being defied and boundaries broken as Chevrolet introduces the First-Ever, All-Electric Silverado EV. Built from the ground up to change the game, the Silverado EV utilizes GM’s innovative Ultium platform for maximum power and flexibility.

Electric doesn’t mean compromise with the Silverado EV, which is expected to offer nearly 650 km of range on a single charge, over 660 horsepower, and over 780 lb.-ft. of torque. Accelerate to 100 km/hr in just over 4.5 seconds. All this makes for an electric truck that can compete with just about anything on the road. The Silverado EV will also offer extremely responsive steering as all four wheels work together to turn at once, making for a smaller turning radius. Get up to 10,000 lbs of max towing, and on a future model up to 20,000 lbs, allowing you to hitch up and hit the road with ease.

Hauling cargo is easy with the Silverado EV thanks to its Multi-Flex Midgate with pass-through, allowing for items over 10 feet in length to fit. 60/40 flip-and-fold seats allow for items up to 9 ft, with enough room for a passenger in the back seat as well. You also have a standard truck bed for bikes, work gear, and more. Finally, there’s something unexpected. Open up the truck’s front hood, and because there’s not a typical engine, you’ll find a trunk offering even more storage instead.

Vehicle connectivity is also taking a leap forward with Ultifi, an intelligent software platform that allows for over-the-air-updates, downloadable applications, and new features. Also included in the Silverado EV is GM’s impressive Super Cruise Driver Assistance Technology, allowing for hands-free driving on over 300,000 km of compatible roads throughout North America.

It’s safe to say the Silverado EV will be a game-changer for not only Chevrolet and GM, but also the pickup truck and electric vehicle sectors. Stay tuned for more info and reserve your Silverado EV today (initial availability expected summer 2024)!