Critics Impressed by 2023 GMC Hummer EV Pickup

The pickup version of GMC’s electric supertruck, the Hummer EV, has reached critics and media publications of the auto world. What do reviewers have to say about the 2023 GMC Hummer EV Pickup? Let’s take a closer look in today’s blog post.

Michael Bettencourt of Canadian publication had a chance to sample the Hummer EV Pickup in the Arizona desert and came away impressed from the experience. “There’s enough tech and features to talk about for days, but it’s perhaps the clearest four-wheel proof that this is indeed GM pushing its engineering boundaries as far as possible,” said Bettencourt. were also impressed by GM’s Ultium battery technology, noting that “the Hummer is one of the few EVs who does pre-conditioning flawlessly to help speed up quick charging: it will automatically warm up the battery when selecting a DC fast charger to help achieve as close to its max 350 kW charge rate as possible”.

AutoTrader’s Chris Tsui also received a closer look at the Hummer EV Pickup, noting its position as a supertruck with performance and features far beyond that of a typical vehicle. “The GMC Hummer absolutely delivers with some frankly ridiculous stats that should make its owners the biggest kahunas on their respective blocks.” Emme Hall of CNet’s RoadShow also emphasized the Hummer EV’s larger-than-life status. “If you want the ultimate in electric excess, it’s hard to get more over-the-top than the GMC Hummer EV.”

The Hummer EV’s interior also made an impression on reviewers, with Road and Track’s Lawrence Ulrich particularly impressed by the vehicle’s infotainment system. “The Hummer’s control strategy is a winner. A mix of sturdy analog toggle switches (and audio volume knob) and slick Google-based infotainment…crisp animations, voice commands, wifi, apps and over-the-air updates, all present and accounted for.”

Finally, Yahoo’s Joel Stocksdale may have summed it up best with his comments on the GMC Hummer EV Pickup. “So is the Hummer EV a supertruck like GMC claims? Absolutely. It does so much. And it does it all with such exuberance that it is absolutely a supertruck. It goes super fast. It can go off-road with great aplomb. It has tons of space. It can tow. It’s got a really long range. It does it all.”

Stay tuned for more information and critical reception as the GMC Hummer EV is rolled out in Canada, with initial availability expected in late 2022 and early 2023.