Buick’s All-Electric Future Announced

Recently, Buick unveiled what might be the most revolutionary and exciting announcement in the brand’s storied history. By 2030, Buick will fully electrify its lineup in Canada.

Buick plans to introduce its first all-electric vehicle in 2024, the Buick Electra. The company says this new EV will draw “inspiration from the brand’s rich history”.

Although there will be nods to the past, expect to see a brand-new design language for all future Buick vehicles as well, with emphasis on a “sleek, dynamic and forward-looking exterior”. On the interior, Buick will look to implement “modern design, new technologies, and attention to detail”. A new concept vehicle, the Buick Wildcat EV, shows off this bold new direction.

"The Wildcat EV concept also introduces a new, expressive face for Buick, distinguished by a bold, forward-leaning front-end appearance that features a low-mounted, trapezoidal grille. Sharp, high-mounted and horizontal check mark-shaped lighting flanks the vehicle, while the outer edges of the grille house primary lighting. The lighting elements are configured to create a unique welcome choreography when the driver approaches." -Buick

Another significant change will be to the brand’s logo. A new modern badge is set to be introduced, with Buick explaining it will be the “first significant change to the emblem since 1990”. Look for this new logo to debut starting next year, incorporating a new horizontally-aligned layout rather than the current circular design. Also look for new typography, colours, and more as the Buick brand transforms.

We are excited to see Buick evolve and become a leader in the electric vehicle world. We look forward to sharing more details as they come!