Summer Is Here: Towing Safety Tips

Summer is upon us here in British Columbia, and for many that means it’s also time for boating, RVing, and more. No matter what you’re towing, there’s steps you can take and advice you can follow to make sure you get where you’re going safely.

The first and perhaps most important tip is to know your vehicle’s towing capacity and how much your trailer weighs. Don’t know the towing capacity of your vehicle? Your salesperson can assist and let you know what you can safely tow.

When it comes to your hitch, make sure the ball matches the size of the coupler on your trailer to avoid potential accidents. It also may be easier to hook up your trailer if you have someone spotting and helping with the process!

Before you depart, make sure both your trailer and towing vehicle are in good shape. Keeping up with maintenance is important for safety, and you’ll also want to check tire pressure on both your vehicle and the trailer. Test your trailer lights and ensure all wiring is properly connected to your vehicle. Consider carrying a spare tire for your trailer in case you encounter any issues on the road!

Finally, take your time! It will take longer to get to your destination with a trailer than without. Road conditions are generally good in summer, but braking and accelerating both take longer when pulling a trailer. Make sure to drive deliberately with wide turns and leave plenty of time for any action you need to take. Your vehicle will also burn more fuel than normal, particularly if your journey involves uphill sections, so make sure to plan gas station visits appropriately.

Need advice on towing or the best vehicle to pull your trailer? Talk to our team here at Preston and they will be happy to assist!