Driving Checklist for Summer 2023

Warmer weather is on the way, and that means it’s almost time for road trips, outdoor activities, and more! Every driver knows there are extra steps you need to take in winter to prepare for the colder conditions, but don’t forget to get your car summer ready with these steps.

Firstly, it’s important to check up on fluids and other essential parts of your vehicle. Consider an oil change if your vehicle is due, and double check your windshield wiper fluid levels. Your windshield may have sustained a few cracks throughout winter, and it’s important to have these repaired (or the entire windshield replaced) for structural integrity and safety in the event of a collision.

Although winter tires are excellent for increased traction in colder temperatures, they can wear down quickly in warmer temperatures. To ensure longevity of your winter tires and optimal performance, make sure to switch to a set of summer, all-season, or all-weather tires during the summer months. Check on your tire pressure as keeping your tires properly inflated will help with vehicle performance and fuel economy.

Heading out on a long trip? Consider placing an emergency kit in your car with first aid supplies, snacks, water, and vehicle tools like jumper cables. These items could make the difference if you are ever broken down or encounter issues in an isolated area. Higher temperatures can also impact your vehicle’s components, particularly belts and hoses, making it important to monitor those for signs of wear.

Summer temperatures can result in dangerous levels of heat inside a vehicle, so make sure not to leave any pets or children in the vehicle when you park. Also ensure your air conditioning is operational so that you can keep your vehicle’s interior at a comfortable level all summer long.

Finally, don’t forget to plan some road trips and take time to explore our province this summer! For all your vehicle service needs, book an appointment with the professionals on our Preston Certified Service team.