Meet Cadillac’s Full-Size Electric SUV: Escalade IQ

Meet the gold standard of EVs and SUVs. The First-Ever All-Electric 2025 Escalade IQ has been unveiled, with availability anticipated to begin in late 2024. 

Next level range: Escalade IQ will feature an estimated 724 km of electric range on a full charge. That’s enough range to drive from our dealership in Langley all the way to Kelowna – and back. Charge up to 160 km of range in just 10 minutes at public charging stations thanks to DC fast charging.

A curved pillar-to-pillar 55” diagonal LED display, advanced cruise control technology, automatic lane changing, and hands-free Super Cruise driving are all available to Cadillac IQ drivers, making for a truly premium and enjoyable driving experience.

The available Executive Second Row transforms your second row of seating into a truly luxurious experience, with enhanced legroom, stowable tables, wireless phone charging pads, and a premium 40-speaker sound system. Keep your passengers entertained and comfortable with Cadillac IQ’s passenger infotainment screens and controllable rear command centre.

As an electric vehicle, the space normally occupied by a combustion engine becomes practical storage. Cadillac IQ’s eTRUNK Premium Front Storage Compartment is large enough for two sets of golf clubs, with 345.4 L of storage. Store even more with 3375 L of cabin cargo space.

Ready to take the next step? Get in touch with our Cadillac Sales Team to find the right vehicle for you! Stay tuned for Cadillac IQ availability as we approach late 2024.