Get Ready for Winter Driving 2023/2024

Fall is turning to winter, meaning lower temperatures and potentially hazardous driving conditions are on the way. Get ready for winter driving with today’s guide.

Firstly, check your tires for optimal pressure and consider switching to winter tires or all-weather tires if you are using summer tires. Winter tires provide better performance when the temperature is under 7 degrees. Standard summer tires or all-seasons feature rubber that hardens in cold weather and increases stopping distance. Some highways in our province require tires with a snowflake symbol on them, so make sure to double check any requirements before embarking on a road trip.

Topping up your windshield fluid is always a good idea as windshields tend to get dirty in winter and obscure the road. Make sure to choose wiper fluid that is rated for winter temperatures to avoid freezing.

Carrying a shall shovel and snow scraper in your vehicle is advisable, even in climates like ours with minimal snow. You never know when they might come in handy! Utilize your trunk space for emergency supplies like jumper cables, warning triangles, a first-aid kit, water, food, and jackets in case of a breakdown or vehicle issue.

Make sure to drive for the conditions. Keep a longer following distance if the roads are slick, icy, or snowy, and if visibility is reduced due to rain or fog. The speed limit is just that – a limit – and not the speed necessarily safe to drive at, so make sure to slow down if conditions are less than optimal.

It’s a good idea to get any outstanding maintenance completed so your vehicle is in top shape for winter. Our Preston Service Team is here to get your vehicle winter-ready!