Preston GM COVID-19 Response

A Message from Preston GM Regarding COVID-19

At Preston GM, we are committed to doing everything we can to keep our customers, employees and our community safe and healthy. Amidst concerns about COVID-19, we recognize that mobility – our ability to get around our community – is critical to ensuring access to our loved ones and essential hubs like grocery stores, pharmacies and health care centers. We have decided to remain open and be of service as a commitment to ensuring we are doing what we can to help support in this way.

All of us at Preston GM and Preston Collision & Detail Centre remain committed to the safety and wellbeing of our customers and employees. We will continue to monitor all developments of the recent COVID-19 pandemic as they progress and intend to follow any of the approved guidelines from the Government of Canada that are relevant to our business.

This includes reviewing our policies and procedures with regard to cleaning and sanitation, educating staff for proper hygiene, ensuring adequate supply of cleaning products and taking measures to limit physical contact with customer vehicles through protective equipment where possible.

We will continue to monitor updates as they progress and encourage all of our staff and customers to follow the recommended precautions from BC’s health officials.

Thank you for your understanding and continued business. Please see our Hours page for current department operating hours.

What Steps Have We Taken?

  • Our dealership and collision centre are being thoroughly cleaned on a consistent basis, including sanitizing door handles, hand rails, and work surfaces.
  • Staff are encouraged to wear gloves while working, particularly those in direct contact with customers, vehicles, or credit/debit machines - we have stationed boxes of gloves to be available throughout the dealership.
  • We have established a routine to regularly sanitize common areas throughout the day, above and beyond our nightly cleaning.
  • Service and collision are utilizing steering wheel covers to protect both staff and customers.
  • We are sanitizing shuttle vehicles after each trip with a customer, customer vehicles when they are dropped off or being appraised, vehicles after test drives, and other dealership vehicles that may see customer contact.
  • Our staff lunch break is being staggered to maximize social distancing between staff.
  • As it stands right now, there are no changes to our operating hours but we encourage customers to keep an eye out for any potential changes.
  • In the interest of social distancing, our team is more than willing to accommodate customers in unique ways. Be it through video walk-arounds of vehicles, video chat with our sales staff, valet pick-up and drop-off for our service/collision departments, and several other measures - we are here to help you through this unique situation. Please see the links below for more details.

What can you do to help us?

  • Visitors to the dealership are encouraged to keep in mind social distancing and remain at least one to two metres away from others whenever possible. Although we have ramped up our cleaning procedures, we also recommend you avoid touching your face. Considering using hand sanitizer or washing your hands before and after visiting.
  • Please feel free to take advantage of the special services we are offering at the links above.
  • If you are sick or showing any possible symptoms related to COVD-19, please stay home. We are demanding that our staff do the same.

We remain committed to stay open to serve our community and the vehicles essential to our mobility. We are also committed to ensuring the health and safety of our staff and customers and will take all guidance from BC Health and the Government of Canada as the COVID-19 situation progresses.

Why isn’t everyone wearing masks at the dealership?

We are continually monitoring the advice of WorkSafe BC, the BC CDC and the Provincial Health Officer to ensure we are doing everything that we can to keep our employees and customers safe. We have had several people ask why we are not all wearing masks and the answer is that we are following public safety advice diligently. See the below quote from WorkSafe BC’s website regarding the use of masks:

"Respirators are currently only required for certain tasks. The BC CDC advises that surgical/procedure masks should be used by sick people to prevent transmission to other people. A mask will help keep a person's droplets in. They also advise that it may be less effective to wear a mask in the community when a person is not sick themselves. Masks may give a person a false sense of security and are likely to increase the number of times a person will touch their own face (e.g., to adjust the mask). 

Health care workers wear surgical masks, eye protection, and gowns in order to protect themselves and patients. During health care procedures in which aerosol sprays may be generated (for example, when giving certain inhaled medications), health care workers must wear specialized masks (e.g., N95s)."

In following with the BC CDC’s advice, we have disposable masks available for employees who are in situations where physical distancing of 2 meters is not possible. Further, we have supplied our service advisors with disposable masks for situations where they must come into close contact with a customer or if a customer is more comfortable with our staff wearing a mask.

We are committed to continually monitoring official advice and revise our procedures as necessary.

What are GM's special programs for customers?

Vehicles are an integral part of our lives and livelihood. In trying times like these, we're faced with many uncertainties. To ease the mind of our GM Family, Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, Cadillac, OnStar and GM Financial are here and ready to help our customers in any way we can, whether it's concerning service, parts, connected services or financing needs.

For the latest updates on GM Canada's response to coronavirus/COVID-19, please visit or any of our customer brand sites:

OnStar and Connected Vehicle Services

OnStar and our vehicle brands are empowering more than 1 million current Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac connected vehicle owners with the helpful resources they need during these trying times.
  • For added peace of mind, we are enabling OnStar Crisis Assist services for all of our connected vehicle owners for a limited time, which includes:
    • Access to specially trained OnStar Advisors who are ready to help 24/7 during emergencies and other unexpected situations.
    • Special routing assistance, including to hospitals or clinics.
    • Connecting to family members, Emergency Medical Dispatch and First Responders.
  • To help stay connected, we are offering complimentary 3GB/3 months (whichever comes first) of in-vehicle data for all of our Wi-Fi-equipped vehicle owners. Customers can:
    • Connect to their work or classroom remotely while within 15 metres of the vehicle.
    • Stay connected with family members or others in need while traveling within the vehicle.
  • Be assured that our OnStar Advisors are ready to help with the best and latest information, thanks to our partnerships, trainings and open communications with the Canadian Public Health Services and other public safety professional associations.

GM Financial

The safety and well-being of our communities is our first priority. We stand ready to help during this difficult time.

GM Financial customers in need of assistance can contact the GM Financial Customer Experience team by phone at 1-800-465-4591 or by email at