Mask Usage at Preston GM

Why isn’t everyone wearing masks at the dealership?

We are continually monitoring the advice of WorkSafe BC, the BC CDC and the Provincial Health Officer to ensure we are doing everything that we can to keep our employees and customers safe. We have had several people ask why we are not all wearing masks and the answer is that we are following public safety advice diligently. See the below quote from WorkSafe BC’s website regarding the use of masks:

“Respirators are currently only required for certain tasks. The BC CDC advises that surgical/procedure masks should be used by sick people to prevent transmission to other people. A mask will help keep a person’s droplets in. They also advise that it may be less effective to wear a mask in the community when a person is not sick themselves. Masks may give a person a false sense of security and are likely to increase the number of times a person will touch their own face (e.g., to adjust the mask). 

Health care workers wear surgical masks, eye protection, and gowns in order to protect themselves and patients. During health care procedures in which aerosol sprays may be generated (for example, when giving certain inhaled medications), health care workers must wear specialized masks (e.g., N95s).”

In following with the BC CDC’s advice, we have disposable masks available for employees who are in situations where physical distancing of 2 meters is not possible. Further, we have supplied our service advisors with disposable masks for situations where they must come into close contact with a customer or if a customer is more comfortable with our staff wearing a mask.

We are committed to continually monitoring official advice and revise our procedures as necessary.