Business Choice


GM Business Choice is a program through General Motors that offers great incentives to purchase a Chevrolet or GMC for your small business fleet. The GM Business Choice offerings can be combined with other GM incentives and are all specifically designed for small business.


Here are a few reasons to consider Business Choice:

  • Flexibility to choose – Along with having a wide variety of Chevrolet and GMC vehicles to choose from, the Business Choice program is designed to give you flexibility by providing unique options and valuable upfits.
  • Solutions designed for you – Offering you solutions to improve business efficiencies and aid you in the cost of vehicle ownership with each available option.
  • More savings for you – Combine the Business Choice program with OEM incentives.
  • Outstanding partners – Historical track record of being of the strongest programs in the industry and featuring partner relationships with Adrian Steel, of Adrian, MI, US, and GM Accessories.
  • Ease of use – Qualified customers can purchase an eligible model during the program period, then simply select the ‘no cost’ option that suits their needs.


The Business Choice Program is designed to assist small business owners with the costs of preparing their trucks and vans for use in the daily operation of their business. This program is available to businesses that looking to purchase new eligible Chevrolet and GMC vehicles.

How Do I Qualify?

All you need to do is purchase the vehicle in your company name to qualify and have a Business Number (BN) or GST Number.

What Do I Get?

You get one of three options when you qualify for Business Choice:

  • $700 Upfit Cash – Receive a $700 credit for eligible commercial upfitting for your vehicle.
  • $750 GM Accessory Credit – Receive a $750 credit for the purchase of any GM Accessories.
  • $500 Cash Credit – Receive a $500 after tax credit.

It’s that simple! Please inquire for further details.